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small cat being pet by owner on ground
small cat being pet by owner on ground

5 Activities to Help You Bond With Your Cat

While you might assume your cat is uninterested in you unless you have food, that’s actually not the case. Studies have shown that cats prefer the company of their people to food or toys. (Who would have guessed?)

This means that your relationship with your cat is more important than you may have thought — your kitty doesn’t just see you as a meal ticket, but also a source of comfort, familiarity and camaraderie. Whether you’re a new cat owner or just looking for some ideas to strengthen your bond, we can help make sure you and your cat are as close as can be.


Play with Purpose

Cats are natural hunters, and their instincts are to hide, stalk and pounce. Tap into these natural behaviors with a game of hide-and-seek. (And don’t be surprised if they win!)



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