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NUTROCats naturally prefer what’s best for them. NUTRO™ Cat Food includes real proteins and high-quality, whole ingredients for a superior taste. Give your cat natural nutrition and the enjoyment that comes with great texture and taste.

Nutro™ Canned Cat Food

Savory and Smooth Texture


Easy to Eat


Formulated with 0% Grain

Furry Features

Take the Mystery out of Reading Cat Food Nutrition Labels

Reading cat food labels isn't an easy task, especially in a busy store. The Nutro Company helps you decode the nutrition label with simple and easy-to-follow tips, so you know exactly what ingredients make up your cat food.


Taste and Health Benefits — Your Cat Can Have Both

There’s a general notion that for humans, “health food” means food that doesn’t taste as good as, let’s say, non-health food. Whether this is true is up for debate, but with NUTRO™ Cat Food, there’s really no contest: Cats can have healthy, natural nutrition along with an enjoyable taste.


Training Your New Cat

The Nutro Company gives you a crash course in litter box training, as well as great tips about keeping the litter clean and introducing your cat to the scratching post.