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NUTRO Dog Foods deliver natural nutrition targeted to your dog's unique life stage, breed size and health condition. We use the highest quality natural ingredients in our canned dog foods, dry dog foods, and dog treats and biscuits.

MAX® Grain Free Dog Food

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Checklist: Traveling With Your Dog

Traveling with a dog or puppy presents unique challenges. Use the NUTRO® Dog Travel Checklist to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and worry-free trip for you and your dog.


Why Whole Grains?

While many dog foods don’t use whole grains, NUTRO® Dog Food does. Find out why whole grains improve your dog’s digestion, provide great energy and improve their stool.


Could Your Dog Have Food Sensitivity?

Do you know if your dog has a food sensitivity? Find out what can cause food sensitivities in dogs and how a grain free diet can help reduce the likelihood of digestion issues.