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NUTRO Dog Foods deliver natural nutrition targeted to your dog's unique life stage, breed size and health condition. We use the highest quality natural ingredients in our canned dog foods, dry dog foods, and dog treats and biscuits.

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Furry Features

How to Introduce a New Dog to Your Household

Bringing a new dog into your home is a difficult task. NUTRO® makes it easier with our tips to help your new dog or puppy adjust and stress-free transition into your household.


The Balance Between Treats and Meals

It’s hard finding the right balance between dog treats and meals when you want to reward them or give them a special snack. Let The Nutro Company help you find that balance to help you keep your dog healthy and happy.


The Big World of Small Dogs and Their Owners

Learn fun and interesting facts about toy and small breed dogs and their owners with the NUTRO® Dog Food The Big World of Small Dogs infographic.