Switching Your Dog Food in Six Days : NUTRO™ Dog Health & Information Resources - The Nutro Company

If feeding NUTRO™ Dog Food for the first time or changing formulas, we suggest you blend increasing amounts of the new formula with your old dog food for six days.


Why do we recommend this guide? Your dog's digestive system might be sensitive to dietary change. This blending period allows their system to adjust to the highly digestible and healthy NUTRO™ Dog Food. A six-day transition will help reduce the chances of your dog experiencing dietary upsets that can sometimes accompany sudden changes in diet.

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Lamb & Potato Recipe

Furry Features

Show Your Dog Some Affection

The Nutro Company gives you simple and easy tips to help you show your dog love and affection in a way they can understand and appreciate.


Why Whole Grains?

While many dog foods don’t use whole grains, NUTRO® Dog Food does. Find out why whole grains improve your dog’s digestion, provide great energy and improve their stool.


A Guide to Dog Vaccines

Use The Nutro Company Guide to Dog Vaccines and Schedule to prevent diseases your puppy and adult dog are susceptible to. Find out what vaccinations are key to immunize your dog from, and when they need to be given.