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clean food, cleaner future

Clean is an essential part of everything we do.

    Our recipes are designed according to our FEED CLEAN™ philosophy, and clean is also the guiding principle for how we make our food.     


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Rocky the dog Rocky the dog


clean recipe clean recipe


    Clean starts with what we put into our dog food...and what we don't.     



Made with:
- High-quality animal protein
- Real, recognizable ingredients

Made without:
- GMO Ingredients
- Chicken by-product meal
- Soy, corn or wheat
- Artificial colors and flavors 
- Artificial preservatives

nutro ingredients

Trace amounts of genetically modified ingredients may be present due to potential cross contact during manufacturing.

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    But we’re not resting on our laurels. We’ll continue working with nutritionists & sustainability experts to identify ways we can keep delivering great nutrition for our pets while also reducing their carbon pawprint.       

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clean sourcing clean sourcing


Clean Sourcing

    Our ultimate goal is to partner with suppliers who believe that nourishing pets shouldn’t come at the expense of the planet.     

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Pledge 4 Planet Supplier Partnerships

    In this program, we are committed to engaging key suppliers to set targets and commit to addressing climate impact in their own supply chain. To date, we have 7 key NUTRO suppliers who have committed to our Pledge 4 Planet program. Our long-term ambition is to mobilize all of our suppliers on climate action.     

Regenerative Agriculture

We source barley for the dry food made in our North Carolina facilities from farmers who use practices that reduce soil disturbance, enhance crop diversity and/or maintain living roots year-round. These actions not only help grow nutrient rich food, but also give back to the earth. Some benefits of these practices may include: helping to restore soil health, trapping carbon, increasing biodiversity, reducing the usage of fertilizer, & improving water usage efficiency.

Buddy the dog Buddy the dog


clean production clean production



    Our legacy will be a world filled with healthy, happy pets and a cleaner future.     

100% Clean Electricity

We purchase enough wind power from a wind farm in Texas to cover 100% of the electricity required for production in our owned US facilities.

clean electricity

Zero Waste to Landfill at Our Owned US Facilities

Our US owned facilities are zero waste to landfill. This means we don’t put operational waste into landfills, where it could lead to water contamination or the generation of excess methane gas emissions. 

All of our factory waste streams are recycled, composted, or if necessary, incinerated to produce energy to be utilized.

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Milo the dog Milo the dog

clean packaging clean packaging


Clean Packaging

    We want our pets to have long lives. Not our packaging.     

All packaging for our canned wet dog & cat products is 100% recyclable.

We are working to ensure all our packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

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clean conscience clean conscience

Clean Conscience

    What’s the most important ingredient in making the world’s best pet food? People.     

We invest in employees, farmers and suppliers 

100% of our owned NUTRO factories meet our corporate Responsible Workplace Standards.

Our operations are regularly assessed by APSCA registered assessors as part of our human rights due diligence in our own operations. This approach rates our sites on: child rights, compensation & benefits, discrimination, forced labor, freedom of association, health & well-being, issue reporting, and work hours.

We work with our Tier 1 suppliers to outline a Code of Conduct that describes human rights, ethical, and environmental expectations of our suppliers, including a prohibition on forced labor. 

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